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Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove

Not just Trump: the tactics of election subversion have long been a GOP strategy

At the first Republican debate tomorrow night we will no doubt see most of the candidates onstage condemn the various indictments against Trump for conspiring to steal the 2020 presidential election. With the exception of Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie, these challengers feel they must tread lightly in their criticisms, since Trump remains overwhelmingly popular

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A crowd of excited people.

Reconstruction/Redemption: Democracy, Civility, and the Tennessee Three

If we have been in the midst of a Third Reconstruction, as historian Peniel Joseph has argued, then the expulsion today of two Black lawmakers from the Tennessee state legislature is an attempt at a Third Redemption. A Republican supermajority expelled two Black Democratic lawmakers from their seats for joining a protest calling for action

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Supreme Access

The New York Times broke a story two days ago revealing that Samuel Alito leaked a 2014 Supreme Court contraception decision, weeks before it was publicly announced, to anti-abortion activists. The story also details the extraordinary access these activists have to other justices as well – at restraurants, hunting retreats, and even prayer sessions in

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The Jan 6 Hearings, Patriot Front, and Martin Luther King’s Mustache

This week John McNaughton, artist laureate of the Trumpist right, unveiled his newest work, “Politically Incorrect.” The painting was released on the third day of hearings by the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack – hearings that opened by dramatically portrayed the role the Proud Boys in the capitol assault, and closed

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Enrique Tarrio’s Winter Palace

Former Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio, along with four other leaders in the organization, were indicted yesterday for seditious conspiracy in the assault on the US Capitol in 2020. The charges were centered in part on Tarrio’s call for revolutionary action. But Tarrio, the son of Cuban immigrants who fled the Castro regime, invoked not

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Political Replacement Theory

I haven’t posted in awhile, but here’s a piece I wrote for the Washington Post this week on the homegrown origins of the GOP’s replacement theory. In the wake of the mass shooting in a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood of Buffalo, public attention turned to “The Great Replacement,” French writer Renaud Camus’s theory

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Republican Death-Squadism

Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal itself shouldn’t surprise anyone who paid even casual attention to the trial. But what Rittenhouse means for the Republican Party is deeply consequential. GOP officeholders are celebrating the freedom of the teen killer, and at least two have offered him Congressional internships. To be sure, the most exuberant embrace of Rittenhouse is

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The Anime Dream Life of Settler Colonialism

The video tweeted out by Paul Gosar (R-AZ) depicting himself as a hero from the Japanese anime series Attack on Titan is an adolescent boy’s bloody fantasy of vengeance against threatening women, male authority, and invading enemies. Along with attacking Joe Biden with swords, Gosar is depicted slaying a cannibalistic giant with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s face

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Producers Parasites Patriots, Race, and the New Right Wing Politics of Precarity

In exploring the contemporary politics of whiteness, Daniel Martinez HoSang and Joseph E. Lowndes offer a powerful analysis of white precarity embedded in an antiracist critique of white supremacy in multicultural times. Producers, Parasites, Patriots is a necessary and welcome work.

 Cristina Beltrán, New York University

Race and American Political Development by Joe Lowndes

“This important volume places race at the center of political development in America. Leading lights and fresh voices in the field sweep across the history exploring new ways to think about the impact of racial division on the shape of the political order and the dynamics of its change. There is no better introduction to this subject, one of the massive facts of the American experience.”

Stephen Skowronek, Pelatiah Perit Professor of Political and Social Science, Yale University

From the New Deal to the New Right

“Evocative and analytical, this historical portrait shows how racial change in the South opened the door to conservative mobilization. Its powerful account of how a cross-regional alliance of white supremacists and business-oriented anti-New Dealers fundamentally reoriented American politics advances our understanding not just of pathways to the present, but of prospects for the future.”

Ira Katznelson, author of When Affirmative Action Was White